I’m not sure whether or not you have an online business or would like to have one , but part of what I work with has to do with just that; running an online business.

Specifically aimed towards secretly ambitious and introverted women for whom that kind of business at times leaves them feeling overwhelmed, drained and often makes them feel they lose themselves in the noisy online arena. Especially on social media.

My job would be to empower and uplift them to see that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Quite a few introverts, who are also creatives (all of us are on different levels and in different ways) can relate to having tons of amazing ideas coming in left and right, but somehow cannot seem to get things done beyond the great idea stage. Amazing ideas pass through at lightning speed and never seem to come to fruition.

Add to this that many of us quite enjoy going with the flow and therefore tend to choose an approach of winging it. The result being of course, overwhelm and exhaustion. It’s like being all over the place without actually being anywhere. And definitely not being present.

I have personally spent a fair amount of time in my life planning things. Making lists (makes me cringe). Also tried different mainstream ways of setting goals. Because that’s what “everybody” says you HAVE to do. Or SHOULD do. And then after a while just seem to give it all up and keep on winging it.

Has it worked? Absolutely not!

It’s a mindset thing, isn’t it? It’s a question of how each of us define or look at planning and goalsetting. It IS possible to set goals and plan things AND go with the flow. You can even trick yourself into believing that you are still winging it (if that makes you feel good). The only difference is you now have some sort of plan, goal or guidelines as a foundation. That matches the truth of who you are.

In other words; goals, planning and winging it can all go hand in hand when done in an aligned way for each of us.

If you are on a spiritual path, let me assure you that planning and setting goals does not mean you are not a spiritual person. Just as much as being a spiritual being does not exclude being an online business owner doing planning and goalsetting.

We are humans AND spiritual (infinite) beings and should embrace all parts of ourselves.

I am currently looking into different ways of approaching this and putting it into a small course giving you a way to embrace it all so that you can avoid exhaustion, overwhelm and constant distractions in the form of “shiny objects” and all sorts of things taking away from what you really want to achieve or contribute.

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Till next time; Be Brilliantly YOU!
And make it about ease and JOY!

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