Imperfect maybe….. But still; ALWAYS first-rate!


Perfect. We are not after perfect, are we?

Chasing ‘perfect’ will most probably make you miserable. Frustrated. Feeling like a failure.

Also, going for perfect could easily throw you into confusion and a feeling of losing yourself. Why?

Let’s be honest (I am speaking from experience here), there are at least two rabbit holes to go down here:

One is where perfect is something YOU define for yourself

The other: Being, doing, acting, creating based on other people’s definition of perfect. Or rather; what you BELIEVE other people define as perfect.

In the first example you will inevitably judge yourself every single time you do not deliver according to your definition of perfect. This tends to have you carry every “failure” with you. Not being able to let it go. Because it “should’ve been perfect!” So you keep pushing. And pushing. For ‘perfect’

Also, this requires you to have quite the element of CONTROL in your life. How else can you make sure everything is perfect?

The second example really comes down to a question of APPROVAL. About a need for validation from outside sources for you to feel you are good enough. That you live up to other people’s standards.

Now, how in the world will you ever be able to meet those “requirements”? You do know that they for the most part just live in your mind? Have you ever asked yourself if any of it is acutally true? Do people really expect ‘perfect’ from you? And have you asked for their definition of ‘perfect’?

And even if you asked these questions, does it even matter???

In this last example you are not even part of the equation! Because your entire being is occupied with satisfying what you think others are expecting from you. So you have lost yourself. Or at least a big part of yourself.

In the first example, you are so immersed in being in control to ensure everything is perfect, that other parts of YOU – the being – is not part of the equation here either. There are fragments of YOU that you are simply not living.

So, here’s how it is, here’s what I know to be true:

You are not required to be strong or perfect at all times.

You are allowed to be scared, to fail. You are even allowed to let other people down.

You do not need other people’s constant approval. You do not need to be so hard on yourself.

On the contrary: You should be kind to YOU

Today’s world makes it pretty easy to lose the real you and instead chase ‘perfect’.

The hard but oh, so beautiful truth is:

We are ALL imperfect. Still; we – YOU – are ALWAYS FIRST-RATE!

Repeat after me:

I AM ALWAYS FIRST-RATE. Imperfect maybe, but ALWAYS first-rate

Till next time: Be Brilliantly YOU!
And make it about EASE and JOY! 

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