What does it mean; surrender?

There are a few definitions of the word. When searching for the definition I was after for this post, this is what I found on a website years ago. I wrote it down by hand and sadly did not make a note of who to credit:

“Surrender is not “giving up”, but rather, it is letting go. Surrender is the action of contentment and gratitude, and knowing when to surrender creates peace, well-being, and space for new experiences.”

So, now you know what I am talking about when using the word “surrender”, here is my short message:

In these highly out of the ordinary and uncertain times — if that is your experience right now — can you

Surrender to the fear?
Surrender to the anxiety?
Surrender to the uncertainty?
Surrender to any urge to just give up?
Surrender to the stories you tell yourself that quite possibly aren’t even true?

Surrender into the natural flow of YOU and focus on your breath?

Surrender to the person you have always wanted to be and therefore always have been?

And then:

R I S E !

Whether you are aware of it or not, we all chose to come here in the most exciting and amazing time in the history of this beautiful planet, so of course we RISE ❤

Till next time; Be Brilliantly YOU!
Make it about ease and JOY

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