What do you SEE?  What do you KNOW?


I’m hoping you will read this till the end and give me your thoughts:

I received an email  some time ago with an opening sequence that made me sad. Almost made my stomach turn. This is how it started:

“I know you are in pain. I know you see what I see – our devasted world, the species heading for extinction, the burning forests, the people so disconnected from what really matters…….”

It goes on. Now, none of this is wrong of course. And we should not be naive or bury our heads in the sand.

The email goes on about healing this world and everything out of balance. Which is good of course.

AND, at the same time this world does not need healing and people focusing on all of the above. We need to look at what IS and then:

Direct our thoughts and intentions towards how we DO want to experience life and this world. This simple excercise has a huge impact. Along with conscious choices that will bring us closer to it.

Different from fixing and controlling it all.

What this world needs is more people becoming more conscious. More aware. More people remembering who they are and remembering that we all have innate powers to create the exact world and life we desire.

Everything is energy at some level. And energy responds to consciousness.

Nothing happens TO you. It happens THROUGH you.

We are at a threshold of – or even in the midst of – a great shift in humanity and on this planet. For many of us we know this is what we came here for. That WE are the ones we have been waiting for.

Nothing in the email I refer to is wrong. On the contrary. The intention was pure. And good. And still, THIS is what I see:

  • I see a beautiful planet, not devasted but shifting into higher consciousness.
  • I see the beauty of my surroundings (there are ALWAYS beauty to be seen).
  • I see beautiful souls waking up to who they are and the power within.
  • I sense a calm in the midst of chaos.
  • I see more and more people choosing consciously and having trust in themselves and the process of all of this.
  • I see a world with so much potential for being exactly what we want it to be. Because of each of us individually carefully choosing where we direct our thoughts and intentions.

And that so many of us have enough faith and trust to ALLOW it all to unfold. However chaotic it is in any given moment.

No need to control or fix anything.

Each one of us are sovereign beings with a power within SO strong.

This – and so much more of the good “stuff” – is what I see. Is what I CHOOSE to focus on and direct my intention and thoughts towards.

At the same time I will always honour those having a different perspective and making different choices. And those not ready or willing to continue into these new times and choose to leave.

All of the above is not THE truth. It is what I am aware of and know to be true.

These are times for speaking your truth. Even if no one seems to be listening or are capable of hearing your. You may even be judged for it. Show up anyway. And ALLOW 🙏

Now: What do YOU see? What do you KNOW?

Please let me know 🥰

Till next time; Be Brilliantly YOU!
And make it about ease and JOY!

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