Can you trust that?


This is not about knowledge. Or education.

It’s about energy. YOUR energy. And the fact that we are all connected.

You know when you suddenly think of a person you know but haven’t spoken to or met in a while? And then suddenly the phone rings and, lo and behold, it’s that exact person on the other end.

Or; when you suddenly get a feeling that you should call home and when you do there is a situation there that requires your presence and attention.

How does this happen? You are psychic of course! Also – and maybe more accurately – it is because we are all interconnected in the quantum field. Out there in cosmos somewhere.

This ties directly into you always knowing. Always knowing what REALLY goes on in a situation. Or even with world events. When and if you pay attention.

The hard part is trusting this knowing. Because we are hardwired to tap into our small everyday brain – our logic – for validation. Which our conscious mind will NOT give us if what you know deviates from the mainstream and what you already cognitively know and have experience from.

That part of you is designed to protect you and if you try to step out of the well known and what is already accepted as true, your everyday brain will probably tell you that “no, we don’t think this is a good idea (or that this can be true). Let’s be sensible and safe, and stick with what is familiar “

This is where you tell your brain to shut up. And tap into what you truly know. To what is going on beyond the obvious.

Have you – like me – ever experienced when speaking to a person about something personal and when the other person is telling you a story about what is going on, you immediately know what is REALLY going on? What is BEYOND what is seen, heard and experienced by the other person?

I have – in hindsight – had experiences like this all my life. In my early days I had no way of communicating this. Which is probably a good thing, as with experience I have learned that each person has his or her own journey and it is not alway helpful to blurt out what you know to be the truth.

Honestely, it may very well make you look and sound like a superior b**ch. So I wouldn’t go there.

I once learned something very wise:

Never tell people what they are not able to hear. Never give people what they are not willing to receive.

This knowing is the same as your intuition and awareness. And it should always be trusted. But do allow your everyday brain in on it. It can be trained to not interfere when appropriate.

Like all muscles that have not been used for quite some time, it needs exercising. And gets stronger with practice.

Reach out to me if you would be interested in a few tools for this. I have decided to create what will probably be an email course where I show you a few ways to strengthen your belief in using your knowing/intuition/awareness.

And for the record: All of this applies not only to your personal life, but in business as well.

Till next time: Be Brilliantly YOU!
And make it about EASE and JOY! 

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PPS: I also have this group I think may be a fit for you: A Different Way. YOUR Way


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