You are here to SHINE! You are here to THRIVE!

This I know to be true:

Your soul ALWAYS shines.

Your soul ALWAYS wants you to act on your birthright to THRIVE!

But here’s the thing: You don’t always know that. Or remember. Or allow it to. For all sorts of different reasons. Some of which could be:

  • Living up to other people’s expectations
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of being judged
  • A need to fit in or to belong
  • A lack of trust or feeling of inferiority

I could make this a pretty long list, but you get the point.

The part of ALLOWING your soul to come forth to shine is the most important one here. If you know with certainty that your soul ALWAYS shines it then becomes a matter of letting that shine through in your personality. Your human aspect.

If that takes you really rocking the boat, then you should absolutely go for it!

If that takes you trusting that you are always taken care of and that taking that leap of faith will keep you safe in the face of rejection or judgment, believe it and go for it!

If that takes you making yourself a priority and KNOWING that that is not about being selfish, then you NEED to do that. That is actually honouring and respecting yourself.

You are here first and foremost for YOU. If you can respect and honour that the world will see you shine. And we will feel so much better for it. You and me both. And the world as a whole. That is how big an impact you have.

Are you playing small in life? Are you denying parts of your true self to feel you belong or fit in?

Do you have, or have had, dreams in your life you have abondoned for some of the same reasons?

Are you putting what you love, what makes you excited and brings you joy on the backburner for “some day”? Or decided it is not for you because you should be sensible, practical and everything else considered “proper”?

If so, time to be a bit rebellious! Time to reconnect to soul – to the core of YOU – and honour what is there.

Soul knows what you came here for and I can tell you, it is NOT to dim your light.

As a side note: This is just as much a message for me as it is for you. I do not have everything figured out. What I do know is this:

Humanity and our planet is at a turning point and need us all to shine our lights and honour and respect our rights to THRIVE.

Old baggage? We don’t need to understand or figure out every detail. What would serve us better is to straighten our backs, look ourselves and the world courageously in the eyes and CHOOSE to PIVOT!

No more! That was then. This is NOW!  And tell yourself:
I am here for a reason! I am here to SHINE!
I am here to THRIVE!


Till next time: Be Brilliantly YOU!
And make it about EASE and JOY! 

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PPS: I also have this group I think may be a fit for you: A Different Way. YOUR Way

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