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Welcome to my world!

So, what is “my world”?  It is a world of less “shoulds”, more ease and connection to soul. And definitely more JOY. Both in life AND business. A world where we remember who we are and possibly why we are here. Where we remember that we are born to THRIVE. A world where you get to do both life and business “A Different Way. YOUR Way” (which happens to be the name of my Facebook group). My world is one where we play with possibilities and acknowledge ourselves as creators. Where we get to show up unapologetically, authentically. A world where we know we are all connected and we interact with the quantum entaglements to collaborate with the universe. Which always has our backs. I love interacting and talking with quiet, secretly ambitious, conscious-driven women who often identify with being more or less introverted and want to have an impact in the world.

What drives me

Consciousness, inspiration, energetic mastery, the feeling of being connected to all that is are some of my areas of passion. What drives me is seeing people have moments of inspiration and awarenesses of how much is possible in life, how they truly create their reality. I love empowering people – especially quiet, secretly ambitious and introverted women – to remember who they are and that they CAN do both life and business in ways that do not make them feel like they abandon themselves to fit in with the “normal” ways.

I call myself a Co-creator (we all co-create with the universe whether aware of it or not), a Rulebreaker (happily breaking rules we live by that keep us from living our full potential) and a Messenger (having learned to listen to and speak from soul). Think of me as one who puts doors ajar and will leave it completely up to you to walk through or not. Feel free to book a free, informal, no strings attached 15-30 minute chat with me to see if you feel we could work together to co-create some change and growth in your universe. Or if all you want is some uplifting and inspiration.

What I Do

Conversations for growth

I find great joy in offering informal conversations and chats for personal and spiritual growth and transformation. Possibly also related to your online business (no tech-stuff though). I will most certainly challenge you when appropriate but those finding me rarely need traditional coaching but rather a friendly kick in the you-know-what and the odd questions sparking the aha’s to move them forward. Click below to read more about this. Look forward to chatting with you

Soul Talk

Conversations with and messages from soul – whatever comes through at the moment it is written. Lately it often comes through in WE-form. It is my belief that even though it sound as if it is from a collective of entities it is still from soul. This is a form of channelling which I NEVER edit, so when the word “We” is used I simply go with that. The channelling is delivered Monday through Friday each week, in written form where I add journal prompts and an affirmation. It is in the form of an extremely low price membership on a separate platform. 

Courses, Ebooks etc.

Ebooks, courses and other material aimed at empowering and inspiring personal and spiritual growth and awareness, and to simply brighten up your day and life. I may surprise you with material related to having an online business as well. It is time to remember who we are so we can show up authentically, unapologetically and congruent. Life is always meant to be easy and we are all born to thrive!

This is all a work in progress and it will all be offered through a platform separate from this website. A link will be provided when I have set it all up



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