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FLOW – our natural state of being. Breathing consciously and telling your ego – your personality – to take the backseat from time to time, will create more FLOW in your life.

My primary focus is to see more of us considering ourselves quiet, secretly ambitious and introverts ignore all the ‘shoulds’, get clear about and stay true to our values and simply show the world our colours. And most importantly truly believe it is possible to thrive in life and enjoy having an online presence simply showing up as YOU. Which sometimes means doing things “A Different Way. YOUR Way”.

In essence, I am here to uplift. To put doors ajar. You already KNOW.

What to expect and my journey

Women, in particular quiet, secretly ambitious, introverted women, often seem to have a hard time relating to all the rules out there about how to show up in life and business. So they edit themselves to fit in with the more “mainstream”, extrovert ways. Or water themselves down. Or simply don’t show up. All of which leads to a feeling of abandoning themselves. 

I am here inviting you to break the rules that make you feel less than and that prevent you from living from ease and joy.

My target is to empower you to discern between what belongs to you and what belongs to someone or something else. Which will put you on the path towards trusting your innate power and knowing.

I am co-creating change and growth by relentlessly siding with your dreams and practice asking empowering questions that invite you to tap into your own awareness about what is really possible in life and business. 

Expect all kinds of things related to spiritual and personal growth and transformation. Always served with authenticity, integrity and often in a direct and pragmatic way. From my heart to yours – with all the love in the world

I am inviting you to remember who you are and to reconnect to soul.



In private:
Mother ~ Wife ~ Animal-lover

In business:
Co-Creator ~ Rulebreaker ~ Messenger

All me though: The private me and the business me

Everything in life is potentials. We get to choose. What we focus on and believe. And our choices create our reality. How great is that?? That makes us the masters of our lives and reality. Once we remember who we are beyond our conditioning and all our fixed beliefs. Reconnect to soul and trust. And you will start living from ease and joy. 


Born 1956 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Raised, grew up and live in Norway

In my early years I was the kind of person who was wondering when my REAL parents would come to get me. I so did NOT fit in. At all. I simply did not understand the way they lived their lives. SO much drama! Showing up with so many different masks! And choosing to complicate it all when at a deep level I knew life gets to be easy. I seemed to never be able to see who they truly were.

I remember having memories of life being so much more joyful, but being too young to be able to communicate or articulate this I did my utmost for years to fit in, and lived by validating other people’s reality for the best part of 30+ years. Was a good girl and did what was expected of me. Always with a sense of not having ME present.

I have experience from working as a secretary, an instructor, “coach” and leader in a small division within a small to medium size company, as a sales rep and different other “ordinary” jobs. And I did pretty well wherever I worked (remember; I was a “good girl”), but always felt I left myself on the sideline, and that there just HAD to be more to life than this.

A barely noticeable shift started when my daughter was born in 1989 and my son in 1991 but I still hung in there being a good girl for another 8-10 years. Until I didn’t.

I got sick and totally burnt out. I had a serious wake-up call during that time, where just getting up to fetch a glass of water often was beyond what I was capable of. I started reading, exploring, taking classes, educating myself in several areas related to personal development, spiritual growth, coaching, healing etc.

Started my own business practicing some of the above, but nothing really “happened”. Why? Because I still hadn’t brought ME into my business. Or my life for that matter.

I eventually got out of my own way by learning, growing, aligning with what’s light and true for ME. Which finally got me in touch with my #1 value: JOY.

I now quite like who I am – as “different” as I may be and at times a massive introvert. I love my life. Not a “Polyanna” sort of life, it’s not always perfect, but who wants perfect anyway?

Happy knowing that I can always choose to continually grow and be a contribution to myself AND to others desiring to become more of who they are and not so much who they think they should be.


I very much enjoy reading, writing, journalling, listening to (almost) any kind of music (classical is a favourite), going to coffee shops. Alone to write or observe people and life for inspiration, or for meaningful conversations.

Nature is often where I recharge. I would not trade the nature around where I live for anything. Except maybe for the ocean. I love the ocean (or anything “watery”). I do enjoy spending time in cities as well. Occasionally. Preferably smaller cities, but living there; not so much.

I cannot imagine a life without animials. Dogs in particular. I have had quite a few and have also worked with dogs. We now have the most loving, loyal fun and pleasant companion in our Toller, Sara. Currently our cat is also part of the household as are my daughter’s four horses.

Travelling is no longer high on my list, but SOME places I would be happy to visit often. I would go to Italy any day. And Denmark. To mention a couple. It’s about the people. The food. The wine (Italy). The culture. As well as the experiences that make you grow as a person

I am also passionate about quantum physics. And natural health. Makes sense since we all operate and are connected in the quantum field whether we know it or not. That means you can choose to connect and possibly work with me both with your personal and spiritual growth, your online business AND related to your health and wellbeing. Which in all areas is about more ease, space and joy


BE more





Questions? Wonder if we should possibly talk? I am a real person, so do get in touch!

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